Terminator Genisys, Was It A Hit Or A Miss?

Its all about time travel when it comes to the plot of the series and Terminator Genisys was no exception of the conspicuous phenomenon. In Terminator Genisys, John Connor sends Kyle Reese back to 1984 after seizing Skynet’s top secret time machine. I know it sounds familiar for most Terminator fans as it takes us back to the famous first movie (it’s actually a reboot). This movie is a true heir to Cameron’s films but to get a true taste of the sci-fi franchise, you have to watch Terminator Genisys yourself to understand what makes it a highly rated.

watch Terminator Genisys 2015

The plot is quite simple , Kyle Reese was sent back in time to act as a protector of Sarah Connor who is believed to be the mother-of-the-revolution from a T-800 killing machine. However, this time Sarah is not a waitress but a skilled warrior. Perhaps the most astounding bit is how well Schwarzenegger is able to settle back to a role that made him famous and despite his age, he was fully engaged in most of the action. This is clear proof that age is just a number.

The movie requires someone with clear understanding of the first two Terminators; to a newbie, it’s completely incomprehensible. For the fanatics, it’s a stroll in the park and they can easily make head or tail right from the start. For a newbie or a wannabe fan, the film is all but a slow memory of uncomprehendable scenes all from the word go.

There is an endless rush to stop Judgment Day and the dark path is once more amidst us with the clock slowly ticking. We are once again subjected to the threat of Judgment Day and this is what makes the story more epic right to the finishing line. However, twists are introduced to make the film more unpredictable to the target audience and it definitely pays off.

Schwarzenegger in Genisys

There are some downsides when you watch Terminatior Genisys online free but no movie is 100% right? The failure to spark some emotion as compared to previous sequel’s is perhaps the most notable failure. The visual effects are perhaps one of the few shortcomings but other than these two, I believe it was a clear success.

The few shortcomings are clearly overshadowed by the high skills of the actors who made the full movie a complete success. The list begins with our very own legend of some sort, Arnold Schwarzenegger and extends to the cast of talented actors including:

  • Jai Courtney
  • Emilia Clark
  • Jason Clark
  • Matt Smith
  • Dayo Okeniyi
  • Byung -hun Lee
  • J.K. Simmons

The cast of talented actors definitely require some praise owing to the huge accomplishments they achieved. This motion picture is a neatly-fashioned blockbuster that not only sustains the franchise but also provides an in depth look at the whole storyline of the series.

Emilia Clarke

Terminator Genisys has banked about $17 billion worldwide and although it may be lower than the studio hoped for, it is an incredible milestone all the same.
It is true to say that the audience enjoyed the film more as compared to the many vibrant critics . The time travel mechanism is perhaps a level better as compared to the previous sequels, making it the best.

For the sequel fans, you can rest assured knowing that this is not the final as reports suggest that the studio is planning to stage two more parts. This leaves more excitement for an even better future of the saga, with a better storyline and even maybe with more characters. The teaming up of Kyle Reese, Sarah Connor and Arnold  Schwarzenegger to try and prevent Judgment Day is the most notable bit that makes the whole plot tick.

To conclude the long review, the film is more of a hit than a miss judging from the high approval rate of the audience. Terminator Genisys is definitely a thrill to watch online.