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  • Play Deadly Weapon Bingo at ActionFest

    Play Deadly Weapon Bingo at ActionFest

    If you need something other than the amazing trailers, posters, 30 Seconds of Action Film Challenge and Cheerwine (on tap) to get you excited about ActionFest, maybe this will help. Grab a friend and a couple of Bingo markers and get ready to play Deadly Weapon Bingo at the movies you attend. When you spot someone using a weapon on screen just mark it on your Bingo card. The first person with five-in-a-row wins. You can download a printer-friendly set of Deadly Weapon Bingo cards right here. Just don’t shout out “BINGO”…

  • The 30 Seconds of Action Challenge!

    The 30 Seconds of Action Challenge!

    Why wait for the festival to get your action fix, when you can cut your teeth on your own action film project and get a chance to win great prizes with the inaugural “30 Seconds of Action Challenge!” Please note that ActionFest 2011 does not encourage competitors to perform any dangerous stunts or feats for the 30 Seconds of Action Challenge. We are not responsible for any injuries or damages that may result from your participation in this competition. Have fun, but make safety a priority as we would prefer you to…